Fonzie of the Week

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Fonzie of the WeekAt some point each week, I will name the Fonzie of the Week, which could take the form of any person, place, or thing that exemplifies what Three Little Fonzies stands for: keeping it cool. Each week’s Fonzie earns the coveted status of “certified cool” (see left), and has my permission to brag about it to everybody they know. Often times the honoree will be famous or in the news, but not always.

I strive to keep this honor timely, reflecting something that happened in the last week to make the honoree worthy of the title “Fonzie,” but I make no promises that they’ll all make a great deal of sense, and there are no real rules governing what makes a Fonzie a Fonzie. I’m making it up as I go along. But I do promise to keep the Fonzies coming, each and every week. Otherwise I might get distracted and end up going weeks without a new post, and I don’t want to let that happen. So at least one post (and one new Fonzie of the Week) every 7 days, come hell or high water.

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