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Three Little Fonzies is a blog dedicated to the exploration of all things cool (and occasionally, to provide a contrast through which the cool can be more clearly exposed, the despicably uncool). As you can see, the blog boldly claims to have been “keeping it cool since 2009,” and I intend to make good on that promise.

About the Author

Three Little Fonzies was created by Jason Schroeder in July 2009. When not experimenting as an amateur blogger, Jason works as an operations manager for a major New York City art gallery. Jason graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and prior to entering the visual art world in 2008, he worked in a multitude of positions for Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company and for Theatre Communications Group, a non-profit service organization based in New York. Jason lives in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan with his beautiful wife Leslie and their dog, Nellie.

What’s With the Name?

Why name a blog “Three Little Fonzies?” Well, I was originally going to call it The Huffington Post, but that one was already taken. What are the odds?

Actually, it’s a reference to a line from Pulp Fiction (a very cool movie, for the record). On the day that I finally decided to get off my ass and start a blog, for no reason at all (other than fate, obviously) the scene shown below popped into my head, and the phrase seemed as good a title as any. That line has always made me smile, it hadn’t already been taken as a blog name, and perhaps most importantly it helped provide something every blog needs: a clear mission. In this case, to relentlessly and unequivocally keep it cool.

How Can I Help?

Three Little Fonzies is always here, 24/7, doing its best to keep it cool. You can count on it. In fact, I hope that’s exactly what you do. I hope you keep coming back, reading new posts and making comments of your own. If you see something you like, email it to a friend or tweet about it. If you see something you hate, email it to an enemy and still tweet about it. (Shameless self-promotion is cool. Just ask Stephen Colbert.) Digg my posts when you dig them, or become a fan of the blog on Facebook. This experiment in the pursuit of cool is only going to work if others get on board, so please join in!


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