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Fonzie of the Week #24: Bricks!

April 11th, 2010 No comments
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Let’s cut to the chase: bricks are inherently awesome. They’re unsung heroes who have stood the test of time as silent partners in a multitude of great human achievements including skyscrapers, majestic bridges, and delicious brick oven pizza. So in recognition of their outstanding contributions to human history, Bricks are the Fonzie of the Week.

But even more impressive than the grand historic monuments bricks have helped to create, a single red brick now has the power to send me on a free trip to Cannes. Seriously. Do me a favor, readers. Go to www.brickisthenewblack.com and check it out. (Runner up for this week’s Fonzie is apparently cross-promotion.) I’ve written plenty more about what makes bricks so great on that site, so I’ll save my breath here. Suffice it to say, I’m hoping to harness the awesome power of bricks in order to get a free French vacation. You can help. Go check it out now!

Oh, and I promise, next week’s Fonzie won’t be a sneaky advertisement for another one of my websites. And definitely not another right-winger like Sarah Palin. I know it was all an April Fools joke, but I still feel kinda icky about that one.

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