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Fonzie of the Week #22: A Google Search for “Joe Biden”

March 28th, 2010 No comments
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I found myself in quite a pickle when it came time to select this week’s Fonzie. Originally, I was going to bestow the honor on Google for standing up to China and finally ceasing to censor its search results to the world’s most populous country. It made sense. But then Vice President Joe Biden decided to one-up Rahm “Undersecretary of Go Fuck Yourself” Emanuel and let fly with the dirty words on live TV. In case you haven’t heard yet, Vice President Biden thought that passing the health care bill was a “big fucking deal.” I couldn’t agree more. What’s more, Biden thought he’d share this profound insight with President Obama on live TV. In front of a bank of microphones. In a room full of reporters. Hilarious, but also troubling, because how can I in good conscience not award our illustrious Vice President Fonzie of the Week after this latest spectacle? Even by Joe Biden standards, this is pretty ridonculous.

Fortunately, the creepy internet magic that allows Google to know what I want to search for before I do saved the day, and taught me that the solution was compromise: Google isn’t Fonzie of the Week, and neither is Joe Biden. A Google Search for “Joe Biden,” on the other hand, is Fonzie of the Week, because said search netted me some amazing results earlier this week. If you will look at the photo at the top of this post – a screenshot I took myself – you’ll see that searching for even a portion of Joe Biden’s name brought recommendations both unexpected and yet somehow totally expected. Google guessed (and correctly!) that I was more interested in Joe’s “f bomb” than I was in the man himself. Brilliant.

But if I may get serious for a moment, I actually think that Google and Vice President Biden shed light on a common theme this week, albeit in vastly different ways: freedom of expression. True, Google defended freedom of expression in a much classier way, but our esteemed Vice President also struck a blow for the first amendment – and in a way that probably means a lot more to your average smartass 17-year-old. And think: a bunch of those smartasses are going to be 18-year-old potential voters come November, who might just think fondly on Crazy Uncle Joe and vote Democrat, preserving the majority and possibly giving heath care reform a fighting chance at lasting more than a few months. Ah, Mr. Vice President: your secret plan is genius. I salute you.

Sadly, as I prepare to publish this post, searching for Joe Biden on Google brings less awesome and more predictable suggestions: first on the list is Mr. Biden himself, with his forehead jumping ahead 2 spots, from 5th to 3rd. And it seems that this most recent gaffe, like Google’s presence in China, is beginning its speedy descent into barely-remembered internet history. But I’m proud to say I was there, and that my blog will remember, the day that A Google Search for “Joe Biden” achieved its full potential. And that’s a big fucking deal.

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