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Fonzie of the Week #17: Cavemen

January 8th, 2010 No comments
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A couple of quick things before I commence with the Fonzie naming: happy new year, TLF Readers! (Yes, I just started abbreviating the blog’s name. We’ll see if it sticks.) And second: sorry for the lack of posts in recent weeks. I suggest you blame it on Baby Jesus. He’s rolling in the free frankincense and myrrh, and the rest of us get screwed out of our weekly Fonzie fix. What a raw deal!

Anyways, 2010 is upon us. So let’s stop focusing on the past and look to the future!

…Actually, on second thought, scratch that. Everybody and their mother is out in Las Vegas at the International Consumer Electronics Show looking to the future, and news flash: in the future, all your cutting-edge electronic gadgetry sucks big time. Honestly, it was only a few months ago that I finally managed to scrape together the dough to pick up an off-brand semi-big HDTV, and next thing you know Al Roker communicates through said TV that it’s no longer any good because it’s only 2D. Apparently “what’s happening in my neck of the woods” is seething rage over the short shelf life of 21st century electronics. Which leads me to the point: Cavemen are the Fonzie of the Week. Think of it as a retro thing. Really retro.

Cavemen are fast runners. They discovered fire and the wheel. And reportedly they’re skilled at obtaining competitive insurance rates. But the important thing here is that they’d be suitably impressed by my crappy no-name HDTV. So screw you, Al Roker. Screw you, James Cameron’s Avatar. I don’t need 3D glasses to appreciate cave paintings. Fonzie on, cavemen. Fonzie on.

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