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Hooray for Clever Chalk Signs!

August 17th, 2009 No comments
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Next Door One of my favorite restaurants in Washington Heights is Next Door, a small and friendly sushi place with a menu that goes beyond just sushi and/or Japanese food – their roasted chicken wrap is delicious, and their brunch menu features no sushi at all. Now a restaurant that serves good food, while admirable, is not necessarily worth blogging about. However, some industrious Next Door employee takes it upon him or herself to come up with a clever little bit of chalky goodness each day for the sandwich board sign in front of the restaurant that elevates Next Door above the fray.

See the photo at right for the sign that prompted me to write this post…usually speaking I’d be tempted to decry poking fun at a couple going through a messy divorce as despicably uncool, but the sign doesn’t specifically mention the divorce, and besides, we all know that people on reality shows don’t have feelings. And for the record, the whole Jon & Kate thing is annoying – I’ve never even seen that show and yet I understood this sign’s joke right away. It’s not fair. I watched the entire first season of Fringe and I’m still not sure I understand anything about that show. What gives?

So to conclude: keep up the good work, Next Door sign-maker! You and I both know that the secret ingredients that make my teryaki beef roll so tasty are your razor-sharp wit and expert chalk-handling. They go so well with wasabi.

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